Concealed Carry Could Become More Accessible In Michigan

Concealed Carry Could Become More Accessible In Michigan

LANSING - About one month ago a bill package was recently introduced that would allow gun owners to conceal carry without having to obtain a permit. Under current state laws gun owners are allowed to open carry, but as soon as they do anything to conceal their firearm, it becomes illegal, unless that person has a Concealed Carry Permit (CPL.) District 102 Representative Michele Hoitenga is the primary sponsor of the bill package and said this doesn’t mean people won’t still get their CPL.“This does not remove the background check and it does not remove the education part. People can still get the permit especially for reciprocity purposes to go state to state, ” explained Hoitenga.

Hoitenga feels current state laws punish law-abiding citizens who wish to conceal carry. While she wants more citizens to have fair access to their 2nd Amendment rights, Hoitenga said, ”I do promote education, but in this instance we’re taking away the criminality of people who just want to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights to protect themselves.”

State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. explained why he is not in favor of the bill. “I think were already made concealed carry much much easier in the state, easier than it should be when we got the Gun Boards out of the situation. So I think moving even further in getting rid of any regulation would be a mistake and so I’m opposed to it,” said Hertel Jr..

Hertel Jr. went on to say he would support legislation that would bring the Gun Boards back into the picture. He explains, “I think having local people involved in the decision making process who actually know the people, know the community, and have a better understanding on what’s going on in the grounds should be involved.”

So far there’s been no word on when the bill package will be voted on, but Hoitenga says, “Representative Runestad is the Chairmen of the Judiciary Committee and said he believes that this will be a bill we hear very soon.”

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