Don't be a Victim to an Unlicensed Contracting Headache

Don't be a Victim to an Unlicensed Contracting Headache

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - According to Meridian Township's Senior Building Inspector, Richard Bolek, Meridian Township and the surrounding areas are facing a serious problem with unlicensed contractors.

"We have people who are taking advantage," said Bolek. "We've had a large problem lately with unlicensed contractors coming in, and signing a contract with the homeowner."

Bolek tells us that these unlicensed individuals are getting large sums of money up front and then either walking away and not doing the work, doing subpar work, or only completing half of the job.

Owner of Home-wreckers Construction, Michael Carducci, says there are even times his company is called in to fix or complete another person's work.

"You want to make sure the individual you've hired to do the work for your home if properly trained," said Carducci. "That they have the background to provide structural integrity to your home."

Homeowners are urged to check the Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website and and search any name for a licensing number, as well as any filed comments and complaints.

"Your home is probably the most prominent investment your going to make in your life," said Carducci.

Bolek reminds homeowners to be diligent and careful on background checks on the contractors they hire.


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