Lansing Women's March--A Chapter of One of America's Largest Protests

Lansing Women's March--A Chapter of One 
of America's Largest Protests

LANSING - A mother with two boys--in a sea of pink hats.

That's the scene for one Lansing mother, Jennifer LeRoy, who brought her two sons to capitol hill on Saturday--for what she calls, a real-life history lesson.

And LeRoy says she hopes her kids get another lesson--

"With my sons, they see that there's so many other options for as how to be a man," said LeRoy.

LeRoy says she's mainly worried, because her boys are so young.

"With the political direction of Trump, and his cabinet and his administration, it's not good for any child in America as far as there formative development as a male," said Leroy.

And participator Cody Wright says she came out today--out of fear.

"I just can't sit by and let the things that I'm afraid will happen, happen," said Wright.

Wright says she's mainly concerned about her access as a women to reproductive health. Wright says that in her eyes--since her tax dollars pay Trump's salary, she's going to treat it like--

"I'm going to make sure they know I'm not happy with what's happening--the performance review went badly," said Wright.

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