Cultural Diversity: One Group's Inclusion Aims to Understand Differences

Cultural Diversity:
One Group's Inclusion Aims to 
Understand Differences

HASLETT - Meet the Haslett High School Black Student Union (BSU) group established in 2013. Two students, Jonah Gerry and Marvin Williams, approached Haslett Principal Bart Wegenke seeking a BSU. Bart reached out to Township Trustee Milton L. Scales to assist the students in organizing a group and helping them present their idea to the school board.

"Before I was a trustee weekly I mentored underprivileged or at risk students at Riddle elementary school and others. Children are our future and every child deserves a chance," said Trustee Scales.

The group is open to all Haslett High School students who are interested in about talking about race relations, diversity, and culture.

"My overarching message to the students in understanding issues of diversity is simple: Different equals different, no less and no more," said Trustee Scales.

On October 21 the group held a fundraising event at Xiao Modern Asian Bistro raising over $2,100. The first $500 raised was for a seat in the Haslett High School Performing Arts Center named for the BSU. The rest of the funds will help support BSU activities such as field trips, t-shirts and seed money for other community activities and fundraisers for civic purposes.

The BSU is a multi-racial group of Haslett High School students committed to intellectual, cultural, social, and ethnic and identity diversity. Their focus is to build awareness, education and a new level of consciousness about being an African American in today’s society. Through inclusion, the BSU drives positive racial relations at school by promoting mutual respect for all cultures and identities. BSU members strive for higher education, greater achievement and enhanced community service.

Haslett High Students wishing to get involved can contact Haslett High School Counselor Heather Woodworth

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