MSU Student Filmmakers

MSU Student Filmmakers

EAST LANSING - Michigan State University is home to thousands of students, but today, the spotlight shines on two in particular: Kyle Brow and Ben Webber. The two are currently entering their senior year at MSU, and they have an interesting story to tell.

Kyle and Ben are both at MSU to pursue degrees relevant to film production. In addition to their studies and classwork, they work on side projects of their own design. Short films of the action/horror/suspense genres are their specialty.

While these projects have been worked on for fun and for sharpening skills behind the camera, Brow and Webber are taking another step. They are submitting one of their upcoming projects to a legitimate film festival.

Brow and Webber usually assemble a crew of about 30 people to help them with film production, and Brow commented on this, saying "I'm just very thankful to have a good friend base and a great community, who are willing to give up their time to help other people out with their dreams".

Their next project should begin production during the fall.

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