Haslett Stabbing

Haslett Stabbing

UPDATE: HASLETT - Three suspects were arrested in connection with a stabbing incident outside Quality Dairy on Marsh Road.

ORIGINAL STORY: HASLETT - Recently there was a violent confrontation near the Quality Dairy at the 5800 block of Marsh Road.

The three suspects, John Malcolm, Jesse Truitt and Kenneth Wood were found and arrested following the incident. Their preliminary examination was held November 3rd at the 55th district court in Mason. Due to the large amount of details in the case, it was adjourned until December. The victim of the altercation was found stabbed in the road outside of the Quality Dairy in Marsh Road. Another participant was injured with an impact weapon during the altercation. Truitt's lawyer, Terry Blundell, feels that with such a complicated case that has so many factors, the general public should wait until more details surface before they form an opinion on the case and the people involved

If you have any information on the incident, please call the Meridian Township Police Department at 517-853-4800.

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