Meridian News Now: Special Report

On an all new episode of Meridian News Now: Special Report, we take a look at how schools, teachers,... 8/16/2017

Senior Living

This month on Senior Living, we take a look at Meridian Township's history by speaking to longtime r... 8/16/2017

Open Line

On this episode of Open Line, we discuss the current state of Michigan's No-Fault Insurance Law with... 8/16/2017

Meridian News Now

On this episode of Meridian News Now, Meridian Township receives new election equipment, CATA is loo... 8/9/2017

Throwback Thursday

This year, Douglas J celebrates their 50th Birthday! In this edition of Throwback Thursday we take y... 7/27/2017


On this episode of Reflections, we speak with Teri Banas current Ingham County Commissioner and long... 7/20/2017

HOM Entertainment

On an all new HOM Entertainment, we sit down with Bob Hoffman from the Wharton Center to discuss Hoc... 7/20/2017

Coffee Break

The Harris Nature Center opened its doors to the public in 1997 and this year the Center is celebrat... 7/17/2017

Beyond The Badge

On a new episode of Beyond the Badge, residents share their views on the proposed Police and Fire Pr... 6/28/2017

Who`s Who

On this episode of Who's Who, we sit down with HOMTV's Executive Producer/Internship Coordinator Bra... 6/23/2017

All Access Sports

On this episode of All Access Sports, a crosstown rivalry hits the soccer field, Michigan State's Dr... 6/23/2017

Community Connection

In this edition of Community Connection we take a look at how art can be therapeutic, see how basket... 5/17/2017

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