Meridian Fire Department Reminds Residents of Fireworks Safety

As the Fourth of July draws closer many residents are itching to get started on their summer holiday plans. Meridian Fire Inspector Tavis Millerov's reminds residents about fireworks safety. "They go... [More]

2018 Local Road Maintenance

Michigan is notorious for poor road conditions due to high traffic volumes combined with widely variable weather and unpredictable freeze/thaw cycles. Working to maintain these roads is a constant... [More]

Toaste: Taiwanese Honey Toast

Toaste is a cafe located near downtown East Lansing which specializes in a Taiwanese spinoff of a Japanese dessert. Honey toast is a dessert consisting of a uniquely baked bread which is crunchy ... [More]

Fire and Rice: Spanish Paella Food Truck Feature

Fire and Rice is a food truck based out of Lansing, MI with the franchise's roots going back to Naples, FL. They use fresh ingredients cooked out in the open in front of guests to provide a trans... [More]

Good Bites Food Truck Feature

Good Bites food truck is found in Mason, Michigan right next door to BAD Brewing Company. Good Bites was started as a way to connect food loving people to the growers and farmers that create the r... [More]

DELLicious Eats Food Truck Feature

Started by Dell Bartello, DELLicious eats is usually located in Lansing and serves a variety of food cooked on a grill and in fryers. Known for their specialty burgers that include bacon ground into ... [More]

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